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North East Contemporary Visual Arts Network is a collective of individuals, organisations, galleries and networks who are committed to working together to create a stronger regional visual arts sector through the implementation of a strategic working programme that focuses on  Partnership working and Sustainable business models, the development of International Working Practices, Market Development, Critical Dialogue and Continuing Professional Development.


  • To develop a dynamic and sustainable internationally engaged visual arts sector in the North East.
  • To support excellence in artists and arts organisations within the region.
  • Empower the sector with skills and knowledge, opportunities and engagement.
  • Develop a better understanding and reaching of peer audiences nationally and internationally.


This vision will sit within a wider framework that North East Contemporary Visual Arts Network endorses which is:

  • Better, intelligent ways of working that are resourceful, innovative and relevant to today.
  • Meets the demands of not only the regional visual arts sector but also the audiences it engages with.
  • The visual arts sector making a dynamic and exciting contribution to society and civic life.

North East Contemporary Visual Arts Network is very much in is infancy, having only developed in 2009 and it will continue to evolve to meet the current needs of the visual arts sector.

The National Picture

North East Contemporary Visual Arts Network is part of a National network of regional groups who will work independently regionally but as part of a wider network targeted to deliver the aspirations of Arts Council's 10 years strategy Turning Point which focuses on the Contemporary Visual Arts.

Turning points 5 main priorities are:

  • Audiences, participation and education
  • Support for artists
  • Innovation and risk
  • Diversity and leadership
  • Places, spaces and partnerships.

North East Contemporary Visual Arts Network want to build on the successes of the Visual Arts in the North East region and ensure that the great wealth of knowledge and experience held in the sector and invaluable skills that so many individuals have, are harnessed and utilised effectively to ensure these creative individuals and organisations help shape the future of the sector in the North East and contribute to ongoing national dialogue regarding visual arts.

The changing needs of the sector, the ambition of individuals and organisations and a shared understanding that there is a need to work collaboratively to support and develop the sector is apparent across the current North East Contemporary Visual Arts Network membership and the goodwill that exists is testament to the work and collaborations those members have produced over at least the last 10 years.

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