The EAST Contemporary Visual Arts Network includes; Aid & Abet, Cambridge, Art Exchange, University of Essex, Colchester, Bedford Creative Arts, Deborah Smith Projects, Departure Lounge, Luton,  firstsite, Colchester, Focal Point Gallery, Southend,  Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge, Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery, Outpost, Norwich, The Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, Norwich, Smiths Row,  Bury St Edmunds, The Minories, Colchester School of Art, University of Hertfordshire Galleries, Hatfield & St Albans, Wysing Arts Centre, Bourn, Cambridge and freelance curators and artists.

EAST CVAN delivers collaborative projects with visual arts organisations, artists and curators from across the eastern region. We explore new ways of working together to support and build on the region’s diverse and exciting range of activity and programmes.

The EAST CVAN mission is to deliver an excellent programme of activity that includes research, partnerships, training, advocacy and vision to achieve;

  • market development
  • audience development
  • support for artists
  • professional development for visual arts staff
  • collaborative programming

To date EAST CVAN has achieved a successful programme of; exhibitions, events, public talks, training workshops, support for organisations to exhibit at Art Fairs, staff development opportunities, knowledge sharing events, and the production of a print portfolio supported by a network of patrons and region wide events that included opportunities to purchase artworks, and become immersed in a wealth of new and challenging experiences. To find out more about the Eastern Pavilions Print Portfolio visit

Over the next three years the EAST CVAN network will develop collaborations with artists and institutions in Northern Europe predominantly the Netherlands, Belgium and northern Germany. The aim is to establish long-term partnerships that evolve over a period of years and result in collaboration and co-commissioning opportunities.

EAST CVAN is co-ordinated by Wysing Arts Centre

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