Places Where People Resort, Elizabeth Price, Screenprint, 2011

The EAST Contemporary Visual Arts Network network is working together to achieve  

  • market development
  • audience development
  • support for artists
  • professional development for visual arts staff
  • collaborative programming

Through Eastern Pavilions, EAST Contemporary Visual Arts Network  is delivering a collaborative project with visual arts organisations from across the eastern region. It explores new ways of working together and builds on the diverse and exciting range of activity that is being undertaken there.

The Eastern Pavilions mission is to deliver an excellent programme of activity that includes research, partnerships, training, advocacy and vision.

Eastern Pavilions consists of; a series of talks exploring contemporary approaches to supporting artists and organisations that in turn support artists, a print portfolio supported by a network of patrons and region wide events that include opportunities to purchase artworks, and become immersed in a wealth of new and challenging experiences.

Eastern Pavilions Print Portfolio

The Eastern Pavilions Print Portfolio is a boxed set of 12 limited edition artists’ prints which has been collaboratively commissioned by 12 visual arts organisations from across the East of England.  Each organisation has worked with a patron to commission an artist who has a connection to their programme and the region.  The portfolio includes the work of both renowned and familiar artists as well as introducing a number of new and emerging artists.  

The twelve artists are:

Gareth Bayliss

Adam Bridgland

Coco Crampton

Demien Flores

Nigel Henderson

Andy Holden

Frances Kearney             

Kate Owens

Elizabeth Price

Colin Self                             

Tris Vonna-Michell

Eastern Pavilions Organisations ; Art Exchange, University of Essex, Colchester,  Bedford Creative Arts, Bedford , firstsite, Colchester,  Ipswich Art School, Ipswich, Kaavous-Bhoyroo, Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge, Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery, Norwich, OUTPOST, Norwich Smiths Row, Bury St Edmunds, University of Hertfordshire Galleries, Hatfield & St Albans, Wysing Arts Centre, Bourn, Cambridge.

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Eastern Pavilions is co-ordinated by Wysing Arts Centre.